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Dr. Julie Coiro -- The University of Rhode Island School of Education

Syllabus Fall 2012

Picture_1.png Helpful Online Resources for Teaching Reading

Help with Wikis!

What is a wiki??
If you are not familiar with wikis, this quick guide is very helpful!

Uploading files to the wiki!

Click on the page you want (left menu under "navigation").
Once on the page, click "edit this page" at the top of the page.
Click on the mountain icon (after the two chain link icons).
Another page will appear for you to insert a file.
Click "upload file."
Click on: "Click here to use our single boot upload tool."
Click "browse," which will bring you to the files on your computer (like if you were going to attach a document).
Once the file name is in the window next to "browse," click upload.
You will see your file appear underneath the browse button.
Go back to you page.
Put the cursor where you want the file inserted.
Go to the insert menu, double click yur file.
Remember to click save!