Class #13

December 8th, 2015

Word Study Presentations

We will have our presentations first.
Quick finish of the KWL- what have I learned about Literacy
I will show you WORDLE
After class I will email your grades- so you will know if you have to take the FINAL or not.
The FINAL will be on December 15th in this classroom from 4-6:30pm.

Evangelista- consonants p/b
Kathryn- onset/rime
Kaylee- sight words
Gianna- onset/rime
Suhelem- consonants c,h,f,d
Lily- CVCe (silent e)

Class #12

December 1st, 2015


Assignment Due

Word Study Presentations

We will have the demonstrations first,
then the center work,
then the quiz

Literacy Centers- designing centers for the 5 areas of reading instruction.
Here is the sheet we will use to fill in...


Ford & Optiz article from last week.

Within Word Speller

Letter and Picture Sorts for Emergent Spellers

Kaylie- suffixes: -es, -ies
Sydney- vowel teams: ai, ay
Lauren- rhyming
Holly- short vowels: a/o
Marie- digraphs: s, h, sh
Emily- consonants: r,s,b,m

Class #11

November 24th, 2015


Assignments Due

Word Study Presentations

Continue with Running Records-
Literacy Centers- designing a center

Check out the centers created by previous students
Poetry Center

Word Work Center

Ford & Optiz article:
Literacy Centers

Study Guide

Morgan- Prefixes

Nikole- Digraphs

Sydney- Vowel teams

Jenna- Consonants

Class #10

November 17th, 2015


Helpful Information

Assignments Due

Assessing Oral reading with Running Records
Literacy Profiles:
Chapter 4: Reading Strategies and Dispositions

Review Chapter 5: Reading Accuracy and Fluency at Increasing Text Levels

Go to this website, look over all the tables and practice taking a running record, you
will need to download a running record form form the site-
Running Record Website to view and practice
Running Records-

MSV Chart

What is Guided Reading?

Photo Journal

Class #9

November 10th, 2015


Assignments Due

Quiz #2- Developmental Spelling
Work on Word Study Demonstrations
Work on Photo Journal Assignments

Text Talk- Ruby the Copycat

Class #8
November 3rd
Assignments Due
BONUS 25 Bonus Points
a. Stages of Spelling Development

b. Spelling Assessment and Instructional Grouping
Literacy Profiles:
Chapter 9 Spelling

Words Their Way:
Chapter 2 Spelling Assessment
Chapter 6 Within Word Spellers

WTW Stages Letter Name-Alphabetic

Within Word Speller

Syllables and Affixes
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Go to page 315 in WTW book.
Read the directions for the Primary Spelling Inventory.
You will need a young child or two children from your classroom to administer the PSI to.
Hand them a piece of plain white paper- no lines (a piece of copy paper) and a pencil.
Say, "Write your name on the top of the paper, best you can."
Then read what the book states to do...
Bring in that spelling sheet-UNCORRECTED- to class.
We will correct together with the Feature Guide.
Here is a video of me administering a Spelling Inventory to a group of first graders.

Class #7
October 27th
Comprehension and Fluency
A. Story book Reading and Text Talk Queries (asking questions)
B. Reading Fluency

Here are the Word Study Assignments:

Beck & McKeown- Text Talk Article

Beck & McKeown- Direct and Rich Vocabulary Instruction

Literacy Profiles-
Chapter 5: Reading Accuracy and Fluency at Increasing Text Levels

Here is the Text Talk Assignment-- we will review


You will need to read the story-Ruby the Copycat- at the end of the assignment in order to answer the first question in the study guide for Direct and Rich Vocabulary

Study Guide:

Class #6
October 20th, 2015
Planning Literacy Instruction

If you have some photos for your Photo Journal that you want some support with, bring them in and we can support you!
Literacy Profiles:
Chapter 4- Reading Strategies Dispositions

Class #5
October 13th, 2015

Emergent Literacy
Word Building
Word Study
A. Teaching Phonics- vowel digraphs
B. Word Study: Word Sorts, Making Words,
Word Walls for sight word recognition,
decoding and fluency.
Literacy Profiles- Chapter 3-
Decoding and Word Recognition

Isabel Beck: Making Sense of Phonics-
pages 1-75.

WTW- Chapter 3- Word Study

Class #4
October 6, 2015
Teaching Phonics I & II:
  • Letter-Sound Relations and Short Vowels
  • Long Vowels and Blending
Beck: Making Sense of Phonics pages 19-54

Words Their Way (WTW)
  • Ch. 1- Word Knowledge AND
  • Ch. 4- Emergent Stage AND
  • Ch. 5- Letter Name-Alphabet Stage

Watch the video:
You can review the information,
at the bottom of each is the link that will take you to the next page.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS takes you to the video.
Kindergarten classroom
Study Guide WTW Chapter 1- Word Study and the Development of Orthographic Knowledge

Record your answers on the:
Observational Checklist and the Key Questions About This Classroom

Class #3
September 29th
Emergent Literacy:
Concepts of Print, Letter Identification,
and text features
Literacy Profiles Chapter 2:
Concepts of print, Letter Identification,
and Text Features

Yopp & Yopp (2000)
Supporting Phonemic Awareness Development

Photo Journal Assignment (review and we will talk about in class)

Photo Journal Template

Need this chapter to add to reflection in Photo Journal

Review notes from second class.

Class #2
September 22nd
Emergent Literacy:
a. Core Areas of Reading
RI Reading Policy
CCSS (Common Core State Standards)

b. Emergent Literacy
RI Pre-K to 12th Grade Literacy Policy

Literacy Profiles
Chapter 1: Phonological Awareness and Oral Language Development

Reading Guide #1-

Study Guide for Chapter

Some additional Literature

Class #1

September 15, 2015
Course Introduction
Oral Language Development
Oral Language Development and Reading Development

Literacy Profiles-
Introduction: Foundations for Using the Literacy Profile and Handbook (pg1-11)

Study Guide for Introduction (use to support your learning of information)