Class #13 April 29, 2014

Group 1
Word Work Center (this would be building words)
Phonics Feature for this week
Consonant Digraphs:sh, th
Vowel Sound in ball:a, al

Group 2
Vocabulary Work (this is oral vocabulary, You will need the ELL poster when planning your center, that will be available to you on Tuesday)
Here is the Routine used to introduce Vocabulary

chore, household, cooperation, rule, commute, subway, downtown, display

Group 3
Social Studies

What does a family do together?

Group 4
Word Find (this would be finding words around room on walls, in books)
Consonant Digraphs:sh, th
Vowel Sound in ball:a, al

Group 5
Listening Center

Story Selection: Max and Ruby A Big Fish for Max by Rosemary Wells (the story is in the Student Edition, will have that for you on Tuesday)
Big Book: A City
Leveled Readers:
Below Level (Green Group): We Are a family
On-Level(Yellow Group)l: Let’s Go to the Zoo
Advanced Level (Blue Group):Rules at School

Group 6
Writing Center

Think about things your family does together. Write a letter to persuade someone in your family to do something with you.
(This is the task in the TE, How would this look at a Center?)

Group 7

We Like to Work Together
Our family works together,
Together, together.
We like to work together,
That makes our work fun.

We make rules together.
We do chores together.
It takes cooperation
To make households run.

Reading Street Unit 2 Week 1
Big Question: Communities- What is a Community?
Question of the Week- What does a family do together?
High Frequency Words: catch, good, no, put, said, want

I will have the materials again on Tuesday for you to browse through when planning your Center.

Here is the Assignment. At least one of you in your group needs a computer to fill this in and send to me at end of class.

Here is a link to my classroom wiki page. You will find the Leveled Readers for the week. If you can't open them here.
My First Grade Wiki Page

Look over the assignment document and be creative with your center.
Review the two articles from last week.

Class #12 April 22, 2014
Word Sort
Kayla B
Kayla M

Text Talk- Ruby the Copycat is due

Quiz #3 after the Word Demonstrations
Quiz will be on Text Talk, Tiers of Vocabulary, Running Records and Guided Reading. Reread the articles (and Study Guides) by Beck and Mckeown on Text Talk and Direct and Rich Vocabulary Instruction.
Study the Handout (packet) I passed out about Running Records (Marie Clay) and the handouts about the Three Cueing Systems.
Here is the handout on Guided Reading that was missing the back page.

Check out this tube video of an educator thinking aloud as she codes a running record. there are a few of these videos.
Coding a Running Record
Centers Articles:
Read these to prepare for the Center Activities we will work on in small groups in class.
Ford and Opitz: Using Centers to engage children during guided reading time: Intensifying learning experiences away form the teacher.
Flood, Lapp, Flood and Nagel: Am I allow to group? Using flexible patterns for effective instruction.
Reading Rocket article on Centers; Centers
Here is a youtube video of center work in the younger grades;(I know she says "you guys" but look at what the children are doing and how they are recording their work): Centers

Class #11 April 15, 2014
Word Sort Demonstrations
Please have your Big Al Text Talk printed/on iPad /computer
so we can talk about Open Ended Questions, Follow-Up Questions and where and why you asked them in the text.
READ this article
- Study Guide
We will do a quick activity with Tier 1, 2, and 3 words.
Ruby the Copycat Text Talk will be due next week April 22nd.
Running Records
Here is another site that you can practice coding a Running Record as a child reads text.
You can print a copy of the running record, listen and code, and then analyze the Running Record
before you check yours against the answer key. NO PEEKING!!! Running Record
Review the handouts I gave about Guided Reading and Running Records and the Chapter in The Literacy Profiles Book- This information will be on QUIZ #3- April 22nd

Class # 10 April 8, 2014

Word Sort Demonstrations

Alexa B.
Please have the cover sheet for your peers.
Have ready my sheet with the activity included and exactly what you are planning to say,
to your students. This is part of the assignment.

Reread the Text Talk article by Beck & McKeown

Big Al
Watch the screencast and try
writing a few Questions for Big Al.
Bring them into class, to discuss.

Ruby the Copycat assignment.
Ruby the Copycat is due the following week
April 15, 2014.

Reading Assignment for Next Class-April 8, 2014

Running Records- Assessing Oral Reading with Running Records
Literacy Profiles Chapter 4- Reading Strategies and Dispositions
Study Guide to hand in for credit
Running Records Website to practice marking a recording sheet while listening to a child read.
Running Records

Use the coding sheet on page 92 of Chapter 4 for how to mark the Running Record.

Class #9 April 1, 2014
Study for Quiz #2
Will be on Spelling Development- all the information to the right can be studied for the quiz.
Prezi Presentation for WTW Developmental Inventory Spelling Assessments

Two study guides to use to help you study:
Words Their Way Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, also
Literacy Profiles Chapter 9

Stages of Spelling PPT

Have Read for next class:
We will start Text Talks and you will receive your next Assignment.
Beck and Mckeown:Text Talk

Class #8 March 25, 2014
Group to Demonstrate
Word Study
March 25, 2014:
Jamie B., Katherine, Amanda, Jillian, and Cassie M.
Provide class with copies- Instructor full set,
students in your group complete set, other students
in class cover sheet explaining sort- so they have one
when observing.
Please read over the assignment so you know what is expected.
Please reread WTW Chapter 3 prior to your demonstration, so you know how your sort should be introduced.
Carousel Activity
(Activity to Review Material)
Review- Stages of Reading and Writing Development-Review all material we have covered so far.
Review terminology and definitions.
Instructional Practices.
REVIEW material- the goal is to have you understand the material and be able to talk about the information using the terminology.
Readings for Class
Literacy Profiles- Chapter 9- Spelling
Words Their Way- Chapter 2- Spelling Assessment


Materials to bring to class- 3 copies of the Spelling Inventory Test administered to a child.
Directions for Primary Spelling Inventory/Sentences/Feature Guide
Directions for Elementary Spelling Inventory/Sentences/Feature Guide
Directions for Intermediate Spelling Inventory/Sentences/Feature Guide all end end of the WTW book.

Class #7 March 18, 2014
First Group to Demonstrate Word Study
March 18- Kate C., Gina Marie, Cassie
Provide class with copies- Instructor full set,
students in your group complete set, other students
in class cover sheet explaining sort- so they have one
when observing.
Here are some websites to visit:
Videos demonstrating Word Sorts
Instruction on Word Sorts
Resources for Dipthongs, Modified Vowels and Digraphs
Important Phonics Patterns to know
Let's Play Jeopardy!
Was able to get to work after class!
Fun way to keep information fresh!
Review- Stages of Reading and Writing Development-
Review all material we have covered so far.
Review terminology and definitions.

Readings for Class #7
Beck and McKeown: Text Talk article
Literacy Profiles Chapter 4- Reading Strategies Dispositions
Chapter 5-Reading Accuracy and Fluency
at Increasing Text Levels
Words Their Way Chapter 6- Within Word Pattern Spelling
Check Reading Rockets- Leo the Lion as he explains what Fluency is to Debra Norville (browse throught the site-LOTS of helpful information)
Work on Photo Study Journal
Due March 25th
Thompkins- Effective Teachers
To use with your Photo Study Journal. Here they are in an outline format.

Class #6 March 4, 2014
Let's Play Jeopardy!
Class will be divided into four teams. Prize will be given to team
with the most points.
Review Stages of Writing Development-
Review all material we have covered so far.
Review terminology and definitions.
Stages of Reading Development
We will discuss these during class.
Prezi PPT of Stages
Word Study
Have letters cut out and holder made.
Modeled demonstration (by me) of Word Building procedure.

Have read for class.
Beck (pgs. 55-75) Word Building and Multisyllabic Words
WTW Chapter 3: Organizing for Word Study: Principles and Practices

Below are the choices you have for your Word Study Demonstrations.
Word Study Demonstrtions start on our next class- Class # 7 March 18th.
As stated in the Word Study Demonstration Rubric document- you need to submit for review your Word Study prior to your demonstration.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3

Grade 1, First Half: Onset/Rime, Consonants,
some sight words, Short Vowels
Grade 2 First Half:
Vowel Digraphs & 2 Consonant Blends
Grade 3 First Half:
Phonics Rules and Multisyllabic Words and Affixes (prefix/suffix)
Grade 1 Second Half:
Consonants, Short Vowels,
Silent e, sight words
Grade 2, Second Half: Vowel Dipthongs, Consonant Digraphs, & 3 Consonant Blends
Grade 3 Second Half: Phonics Rules and Multisyllabic Words and Affixes (prefix/suffix)
First Grader demonstrating a word sort with vowel teams

Class #5 February 25, 2014
Study for Quiz
Multiple Choice, Fill in Blank, Matching
Material for quiz- Literacy Profiles Introduction and Chapter 1.
PreK-12 Literacy Policy- 5 Essential Core Areas of Instruction.
Common Core State Standards- what they are and what the purpose is. Review the terminology-Anchor Standard etc.
These cover many terms we will continue to learn over the course of the semester,

Have read for class
Words their Way chapters 1, 4, and 5

Attached is a worksheet for the Developmental Stages
Pages 19-54
Have letters copied, cut out and make the holder
Literacy Profiles
Chapter 2
We will also be talking about the Stages of Reading along with the Stages of Writing

Assignments for the Word Study Demonstrations will start on March 8th. 3 to 4 demonstrations from March 18th till the end will presented the first 40 mins of class.

March 18-Kate C., Gina Marie, Cassie
March 25-Jamie, Katherine, Amanda, Jillian
April 1-Alexa, Emily, Connor, Danielle
April 8- Kayla M., Caitlin, Lea, Michaela
April 15-Sarah, Katie, Morgan, Rachel
April 22-Lucienne, Kayla, Elizabeth

Class #4 February 18, 2014
Phonological Awareness
Yopp and Yopp (2000) Supporting Phonemic Awareness Development

Making Sense of Phonics
Isabel Beck (Intro Pg1-18)

Activity #1 from Class
Five Essential Areas of Reading Instruction

Words Their Way
Chapter 1- Word Knowledge
Chapter 4 Emergent Stage

Work Sheet to use with Developmental Spelling Stages
Words Their Way

The PALS Website
Phonological Awareness Activites
Words Their Way
Tutorial Videos
Reading Rockets Website

Class #3 February 11, 2014
A closer look at the CCSS (Common Core State Standards)
Review the CCSS, looking closely at Reading Standards:Foundational Skills (K-5) and Language Standards:K-5, for our purposes.
Look closely at each grade expectation and then
what is new in the next grade.
Introduction and
Chapter 1 of the Literacy Profiles book
Review these and have your guides complete to add to the discussion around these two sections.

Video Oral Language
Carol Wilson's kindergarten Class for Components of Early Literacy Instruction
Take your time and go through each part of offered before and after viewing the video.
The handout on Literacy Teaching Practices will offer an overview of each of the practices.
Use these tools while watching

1. Observational Checklist
2. Key Questions about this classroom

Class #2 February 4, 2014
Review the Norms of Collaboration
Putting Ideas on the Table
Providing Data
Presuming Positive Intentions

CCSS and RI PreK-12 Literacy Policy and
Five Core Areas of Reading
Looking at CCSS Grades K, 1, 2 and 3- what is expected
and the shifts that take place in each grade.
Review Guide #1- RI PreK-12 Literacy Policy
Literacy Profiles- Introduction (pg1-11)
How to use the Handbook... What the Handbook offers..
Discuss study guide for Introduction
Literacy Profiles- Chapter 1 (pg12-41)
Phonological Awareness and Oral Language Development

Terminology to learn and know

Assignment for next class

Class #1 January 28, 2014
Class Syllabus
Review (Assignments/Due Dates/Points)

Name Activity

KWL Chart
Read for Tuesday(January 28, 2014)
Literacy Profiles Introduction: Foundations for Using the Literacy Profile and Handbook

Assignment for next class
Read: Literacy Profiles Chapter 1: Phonological Awareness and Oral Language Development

RI Pre-K Literacy Policy with Guide