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Oral language and Reading Development -- January 27, 2011

Core Areas of Reading and RI GLE's -- February 8, 2011

Emergent Literacy -- February 10, 2011

Sounds of Language -- Phonological Awareness -- February 15, 2011

Reviewing and Assessing Phonological Awareness -- February 17, 2011

Phonics I: Letter-Sound Relations -- February 22, 2011

Phonics II: Short and Long Vowels -- February 24, 2011

Phonics III: Teaching Phonics and Within Word Spelling -- __ , 2011

A Great Way to Review What We've Learned So Far!
Reading Rockets First Year Teacher: Explore the sequence of lessons, videos, and assessments available to help you review important aspects of early reading development including print awareness, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and systematic & explicit phonics instruction.

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